Internet Download Manager 6.15 Build 5 Final

Internet Download Manager 6.15 Build five Final 
program indispensable for the definition and reputed preceded always by all Web users without exception is the program is the best without a competitor in speed loading of internet where you can from loading quickly than five times the normal speed, which gives it with other programs will not suffer from the loss of files when power outage or interruption Internet The program enables you to complete the download without loss with ease as well as you can program the work schedule for the files large and which require considerable time to
load where the program downloaded in the order in which you want a nutshell program is one of the milestones in the history of programs in general, and these types of programs in particular 

program Basic indispensable to any device always advisable and never

License: Shareware 

Size: 5 M b 

Release Date: 1/3/2013 

compatible with all versions of Windows 

license: Albach facility


how activate the program

continued microsoft

1 - Close the program completely from Tray 

2 - Copy the patch in Faulder program " installation path " then open 

3 - Enter your first name who want to register " any name you want " 

4 - Enter the second name which you want to register " any name you want " 

5 - Patch activates 



  1. vhai apni jodi amake 1 tu help koren tahole valo hobe internet download manager ta to 1 maser jonne free de tarpor r hoy na bondo kore de apnar kase jodi thake serial no ta apni jodi amake diten r amar skype id...........minar.sohag

    1. ভাই ঠিক মত instruction গুলো follow করুন , ঠিক মত patch করতে পারলে , সারা জীবনের জন্য install হবে. আর কোনো serial number লাগবেনা

    2. পারতেছি না ভাই। কেমন করে করব?